TicketSpice vs. Shopify – The comparison for the best platforms for selling tickets online

Shopify vs TicketSpice.

Are you looking for the perfect platform that will help you sell tickets for your events? Then this is a great article for you to read because today we are going to be comparing two of the best platforms for selling tickets online, Shopify and TicketSpice. We really hope that you keep reading and this article will help you figure out which one of the two will be the better choice for you and your ticket selling business.

Both of these platforms are cloud based platforms and that makes them very easy to work with, which makes them perfect even for beginners in the process. We do have to say though, that as far as features go, TicketSpice definitely has the upper hand over Shopify. Different ticket options, event analysis, branding control, inventory tracking, price setting and much more are just some of the many features that you will be able to work with.

Something else that TicketSpice can do that Shopify can’t is give you real time data summaries on the ticketing results of your organization and it does that through the dashboard as well as a bunch of different kinds of reports. The great thing about the reports is that they are all pretty simple understand and you can access them by exporting them into an Excel file. Having reports and data like this is very important because it will help you see where you are with your ticket sales and what you need to do to improve, so even though both Shopify and TicketSpice are two of the best platforms for selling tickets, we give this one to TicketSpice.

Something else that we love is that with TicketSpice you are able to really customize your ticketing pages. This is a really great perk to have because it will allow you to really brand your ecommerce and make it more recognizable to your customers. You can do this customization by simply dragging and dropping items, and that means that you will be able to get it done in just a few minutes. Shopify also has that really great drag and drop interface, however there is less that you can do there in terms of customization.

From what you can see above, when comparing TicketSpice and Shopify, TIcketSpice wins even though they are both two of the best platforms for selling tickets online. We really hope that this article encourages you to check this platform out and that it ends up working for your business.