Sell Tickets for Money on Facebook: 5
Effective Tactics to Sell More Tickets

Integrate your Shopify store with Facebook and sell tickets for money directly on your Facebook page! Here are 5 effective tactics to sell more tickets!

Facebook needs no presentation. Like it or not, this social network impacts the decisions of millions of event attendees.

In this article, we will present effective tactics on how to sell tickets of money and influence people on social media.

Whether B2C or B2B, educational or fun, entertaining or moderate, your event can’t be successful without Facebook.

You shouldn’t look at the current stock market. Although Facebook lost half of its value, event lovers embrace it, breathe it, and market on it.

In a time of crisis, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others wink at the budget in an irresistible way.

So, ditch the direct mail campaigns that only frustrate your potential guests and say welcome to Shopify and Facebook integration.

If you already sell tickets online on Shopify, it is time to integrate your Shopify store and start selling directly on your Facebook page.

Here are 5 practical and powerful tactics to sell more tickets on Facebook:

1. Organize a competition:

One of the most popular tips you’ll find on the web is to run a competition. This tactic is highly effective. If you haven’t updated your online ticket store in weeks, organizing a competition out of the blue will just freak your fans. The competition needs to be accurate and relevant. Organizing a competition should be considered only if you have an engaged user base. Choose a relevant reward.

2. Offer fans-only early tickets:

Likers, fans, guests, potential attendees, you can call them however you like. What’s important is to use their interest and offer them something they can’t resist. Give your Facebook followers a reason to like you. For example, you can offer fans-only or likers-only early tickets. A special price is also a good reason to like you. Keep it exclusive to your Facebook followers.

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3. Offer tickets for unknown attendees:

While Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms keep live streaming for brands spending a lot of money, Facebook offers live streaming for free. This is your chance to attract even more attendees (people who’ve never been to your events before). You can invest and make your live stream on a PPV basis. This is an excellent tactic to capitalize on the effort and hard work you invest in building a follow base.

4. Take advantage of Facebook Ads:

The truth is that if you want fast return on your investment, it is very difficult and almost impossible to create it organically. If you want to promote your upcoming event and double your sales, you shouldn’t start a campaign without an advertising budget. This is the perfect moment to take advantage of Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are a valuable ally that gives value to your efforts. This is especially helpful if your event is new or small.

5. Make your tickets gifts:

What a great idea this is! Buying a concert ticket for your friend will make him or her happy. Offering the option to purchase virtual goods as presents is a smart trick. If all happens on Facebook, ordering, purchase, gift wrapping, and shipping, it is even better. There are lots of great apps to help you make your tickets gifts.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and etc. are your friends and you should take advantage of them to boost ticket sales.

These 5 tactics are great if you sell online on Shopify and you want to expand your business and sell on Facebook as well.

We hope these tips will help you double your sales and boost your profits!

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